Effitech · Consulting and Engineering Solutions with Renewable Energy.


Effitech strongly believes that sharing the knowledge will help developing new technology solutions based on renewable energies and energy efficiency.

For this reason, we offer training courses to professionals from the Engineering and Architecture fields, as well as to potential investors or customers who might be interested in the possibilities from any of the technologies we offer.

Courses (available only in Spanish and Portuguese)

  • Photovoltaic Solar Energy Specialisation. Project plan and design.
  • Thermal Solar Energy Specialisation. Design and solutions for nonindustrial buildings and houses.
  • Biomass Technology. Industrial use of solid fuels.
  • Micro-cogeneration. Energy Efficiency applications for simultaneous production of hot water and electricity.

All courses include specific software for calculations and multidimensional scaling.

For further information about the courses, please contact us at: engenharia@effitech.com.br