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PV Solar Energy - On Grid Systems

On-Grid PV Systems is an attractive source of business in the field of clean energy.

The main advantages to this technology are: the reliability of the equipment, the quick-and-easy set up, and the guarantee of energy production every year (based on the local resources of the area).

With more than 10 megawatts executed up to 2010, we have attained a vast experience that has made us true experts in this type of business.

Our field of action can range from technical-economic viability studies to coordinating equipment assembly. We can also provide assistance in the connection of the photovoltaic plant.


  • Energy production estimates based on project localisation.
  • Technical-economic viability studies.
  • Consultancy services for the evaluation of optimal locations for private solar farms.
  • Comprehensive projects and design of photovoltaic facilities.
  • Assistance in the selection of components.
  • Site management and supervision during the building process.
  • Staff training: technical, legal, new technologies, assembly teams.
  • Search for international investors interested in buying licenses for building and exploiting photovoltaic plants.
  • Negotiation with authorities, electric and financial companies.
  • Coordination of maintenance works.