Effitech · Consulting and Engineering Solutions with Renewable Energy.


Effitech was created with a commitment to develop engineering projects and solutions working with renewable energy systems and energy efficiency.

Our bid to work with renewable energy sources in South America originated from our strong belief in the efficiency of this kind of technologies, which we have already proved successful in countries such as Spain (www.effitech-solar.com) or Italy.

We offer engineering and consultancy services in the following areas: Photovoltaic Solar Energy, Thermal Solar Energy for water heating, Biomass, Micro-cogeneration and Energy Efficiency.

We are also part of the Green Building Council of Brazil. An organisation related to Energy Efficiency whose aim is to develop sustainable building systems and technologies.


Our main objectives are to participate in the development of renewable energies within our field, to provide a high quality service with an outstanding technical support, and to have maximum flexibility in order to adapt to our customers’ needs.

It is our endeavour to be able to offer the latest technology improvements that might bring new possibilities for investment and/or energy saving.